Goutam is the principal investigator of SpIN group at IISER-Mohali. Goutam obtained his PhD degree from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in 2007. He attended Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratories for postdoctoral research. Goutam joined IISER Mohali in May, 2012.

Goutam's principal research interest includes the experimental investigation of the topologically non-trivial systems like, topological insulators, topological superconductors, Weyl semimetals, Dirac semimetals etc. using scanning probe microscopy and transport spectroscopy at ultra-low temperatures and at high magnetic fields. Goutam also studies the long range interaction in artificially designed lattices to realize tunable topological and magnetic properties. Such works are interesting for device application in the areas of data storage and information processing through spintronics and magnonics.

Anshu Sirohi

Anshu is a PhD student since 2014. Her broad area of research is Scanning tunneling microscopy at low temperature and ultra-high vacuum. Her research interest also includes low temperature microscopy like magnetic force microscopy and piezo-response force microscopy on superconductors, ferro-magnets and ferroelectrics and transport measurements like Point contact spectroscopy at low temperatures.


Ritesh Sachan

Ritesh is a Ph.D. student since 2015. He is working on Ultra low-temperature point contact spectroscopy.


Aastha Vasdev

Aastha is a PhD student since 2016. She has expertise in AFM. Currently she is doing work on Scanning Tunneling Microscopy.


Veerpal Kaur

Veerpal is a JRF-Project student since May 2018. She did her M.Sc.(Physics) from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. She did her MS-Thesis on Characterization of thermally deposited thin films using X-Ray and Raman spectroscopy.


Sandra Sajan

Sandra is an MS-Thesis student. She is currently working on Atomic Force Microscopy.


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Suman Kamboj

Suman is a PhD student since 2015. She studies magnetic ordering and role of competing interactions in artificial lattices fabricated by e-beam lithography on pulsed laser deposited magnetic thin films using magnetic force microscopy down to 1.4 K.


Soumyadip Halder

Soumyadip is a PhD student since 2015. He is involved in electronic transport properties of perovskite oxide interfaces down to sub-Kelvin temperatures


Soumya Dutta

​Soumya is a PhD student since 2016. He is interested in electronic transport properties of nano-structured devices for spintronic applications. He has expertise in theoretical first principles calculations.


Sandeep Howlader

Sandeep is a PhD student since 2016. He performs point-contact spectroscopy at low temperatures and high magnetic fields.


Nikhil S. Sivakumar

Nikhil is MS-Thesis student currently working on ultra-low temperature point contact spectroscopy.


Ranjani Ramachandran

Ranjani is MS- Thesis student currently working on Low temperature MFM.


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