We, the SpIN group at IISER Mohali, explore the physics of complex electronic systems showing exotic physical orders like conventional and unconventional superconductivity, magnetism, multiferroicity and topological superconductivity etc.  Our primary weapons of choice are scanning probe microscopy and transport spectroscopy down to ultra low temperatures, at ultra high vaccum and in high magnetic fields.


      In order to implement scientific ideas into practice and use them for developing new technologies it is also important to explore the properties of complex physical systems at temperatures comparable to room temperature and under ambient environments. Part of our research is also directed to this goal. We collaborate with chemists, materials scientists, biologists  and medical practioners [the real doctors :)] for developing and characterizing new materials and devices with useful functional properties.

Atomic resolution image of PdTe2 surface with diff erential conductance spectrum.

Point Contact Andreev Reflection Spectroscopy at mesoscopic interface between TaAs & Ag

Zero Bias Conductance Peak (ZBCP) & its splitting: Point-contact spectroscopy of Nb/Cd3As2


* Goutam received NASI-Scopus Young Scientists Award 2017.

* Goutam received SwarnaJayanti Fellowship, 2016.

Anshu Sirohi

Anshu won the best poster award in QMat 2018

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